join the striper club!

They get big, and they're right in your backyard. Catching a late winter to late spring run striper in an Alabama river or creek is a bucket list experience for many anglers. It's not for the faint of heart though.  Conditions usually must be overcast, which also usually means you may get rained on.  Add cool winter/spring temperatures and it makes it even tougher to stay focused.  Anglers are also generally casting heavier rods, lines, and flies.  The pay off is worth it though!

Sound like you are up for the challenge?  If you have moderate to advanced casting skill, and want us to help you land a striped bass, the "striper club" is for you. $150 deposit* puts your name on a waiting list.  When conditions are right, we will contact whoever is first.  If they pass, we will contact whoever is second, and so on until we find someone who can go.  $250 due at the trip. When someone catches a striper, their name goes to the bottom of the list.

If you are fortunate enough to stick a stripe, not only will you have crossed a unique species off your list, but you will also receive a commemorative framed photo and certificate.  Contact EAFF today to get signed up!

*Deposit is non refundable