East Alabama Fly Fishing's mission is to help people discover and engage with using fly rods to fish for warm water species in Alabama.


Redeye Bass


One of the most unique species of black bass. Redeye Bass are aggressive, colorful, and like living in current. Often called the "bama brook trout".

Alabama Bass


Also called "spotted bass", Alabama Bass is a type of spotted bass that are endemic to the Mobile Basin. These bass love current and are very hard fighters.

Striped Bass


While very challenging to catch using a fly rod, these species once migrated up the rivers of Alabama each Spring to spawn. Now they have been stocked in area lakes and provide a fun challenge for fly anglers.

Common Carp


Fish the mud flats for this very smart (and picky) species. Saltwater flats style fishing for "golden bones" is a growing craze in the fly fishing world.

Hybrid Bass


When striped bass spawn with white bass, you get hybrid bass. These fish are very eager to take a fly and can be a blast to catch.



Bluegill, redbreast sunfish, etc. are often caught when fishing for bass. Pound for pound these are the hardest fighters in the river!

Reviews of EAFF Guide Service

Darryl Thomas - Alexander City, AL

 A Five Star Review goes to Guide Drew Morgan with East Alabama Fly Fishing for a great trip my son and I made with him in June this year.  Whether you have never fly fished, or just beginning (like my son),  or average (like myself), or expert, this is a great trip in our area without travelling to more famous fly fishing locations in the country.  We met Drew at 7:00 AM at Horseshoe Bend and after a few minutes of instruction, we were off in his raft floating down the Tallapoosa River.  Within a few minutes, we were catching Blue Gill Bream and just a little further down river, we were catching lots of Red Eye Bass, and Spotted Bass, several of which were 2 pounds or better.  Drew's knowledge of the river and location of where the fish were was impressive.  He was very patient and offered routine instruction as needed without being "bossy".  It was just like having another friend along enjoying the river.  We pulled up on 3 or 4 sand bars along the way for a snack break and for lunch.  It also gave us a chance to walk around, do a little fishing while wading in the current, and my son found some really nice drift wood.  Drew pointed out all kinds of interesting things along the way including a couple of Bald Eagles, Hawks, and other wildlife, and the Cahaba Lilies that were in full bloom.  Even though Drew pointed out "I can't promise you fish, but I can promise a good time", we caught at least 30-40 fish.  We released most of them, but we did keep enough for a nice dinner and Drew cleaned them for us along the way.  Around 3:00 PM, we went through the last rapids in the river and entered Lake Martin.  He rowed us to Jaybird Landing and transported us back to our vehicle at Horseshoe Bend.  I highly recommend this trip to anyone that likes, or wants to try, fly fishing, or spinner and bait casting as an alternate.  Even if you don't fish, it's a great trip for photographers, or nature lovers, or if you just like spending the day with a friend or family member floating down small rapids with your favorite brew.  It is a trip I look forward to doing again this fall or next spring.  

Michael Peak - Tampa, FL/Jackson's Gap, AL

 For anyone wondering if fly fishing would be fun on the Tallapoosa River…

We just returned from a great trip with Drew.  He was fantastic in every facet of organizing the trip, navigating down the river, keeping us in the right gear at the right time, gentle suggestions helping us cast and retrieve our flies, and most importantly…putting us on fish and helping us catch lots of Spotted bass, Redeye bass, and bream.  His gear is top notch and he knows the Tallapoosa River extremely well.  The river is pristine and if nothing else, the float trip is absolutely beautiful.  We went in late May and the water was down a little, which created some fun “white water rafting”.  If you enjoy fly fishing, I would highly recommend this trip!

Sara Langston - Prattville, AL

 Drew Morgan accompanied my son and me as a guide on a fly fishing float trip down the Tallapoosa River recently.  I grew up fly fishing, however, I had never done anything like this so I wasn't sure what to expect and it had been many years since I had wet a hook.  Well, Drew went far above and beyond all expectations.  He handled the raft like an expert and put us in lots of great fishing spots.  He showed us exactly how and where to lay the popper and other flies we were using to get the biggest bang for our buck.  We caught Redeye Bass, Spotted Bass and a couple of different types of Bream.  At one time, my son and I had a fish on our lines at the same time.  What fun that was!!!!  Drew was very professional and very patient with a 70-year old woman who had not fished in a while.  He treated me with upmost courtesy and made me feel very welcome to his world.  It was without a doubt the most awesome fishing trip I have ever been on and my memories of this trip will always bring a smile to my face.  I highly recommend Drew Morgan if you are planning a similar adventure.  You will not be disappointed!!!!!

Doug Darr - Montgomery, AL

It is great to go on a fishing trip where the guide’s only concern is you and your fishing buddy. I floated the Tallapoosa River above Lake Martin in late May with a friend. I fly fished, mostly with poppers, while my friend fished conventional tackle out of the back. All I had to concern myself with was casting. Drew took care of everything else. Lunch was outstanding too, chicken salad from a local restaurant. We caught Alabama Bass (formerly known as Spots), Tallapoosa Bass (formerly known as Redeye Bass), Bluegill and Redbreast Sunfish. The scenery was outstanding, and it was great to be able to fish through the shoals without any concern about paddling or flipping over. I look forward to taking a future trip.

Clayton Dugan - Birmingham, AL

I have fished most of my life and many different ways -- fresh and saltwater, conventional and fly, wading and boat.  This trip has to be the most unique fishing experience I have ever had!!  Being able to share it with my dad made it even more special.  Drew does such a great job coordinating everything and getting you ready for the trip.  Then, most importantly, he helps you catch fish.  His knowledge of the water/conditions makes it almost impossible to not catch fish or at least feel like you may catch a 19" Alabama Bass at any moment.  Our trip was a success and included a 19" Alabama Bass that gave my 5 wt rod all that it wanted as well as some beautiful Redeye Bass and Bluegill/Sunfish.  Catching big bass in the current from a raft is not something you think about everyday in Alabama but it is an awesome way to fish.  This stretch of water on the Tallapoosa River and the species that live here are a beautiful part of Creation and a joy to witness in person.  Please do yourself a favor and experience this trip with Drew and East Alabama Fly Fishing!  I can't wait for my next trip!!

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